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The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe opened on the 17th of November 2012. The hard work of two bemused owners, one confused manager and a team of utterly terrified staff. All those people are still involved today (minus one chef) and we’ve picked up a couple of others along the way. We hope you like it.

When you visit The Hanging Bat you’ll have a choice of some of the best beer being made in the UK and from ‘foreign’.  Beer wise we have 6 cask, 14 keg lines and 120+ bottles and cans.

Come and say hi and if you hate it you can always go somewhere else, we’ll even give you recommendations. We’re nice like that.

We also have a new entrant to new town. More information about Spitfire will be coming soon



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We’re actually using our brew kit…

A accusation was levelled at me the other day that  we aren’t making enough of a song and dance about our little brew kit. I suspect this was a valid point, and may be I have been taking the ‘less is more’ approach a bit too literally by doing bugger all instead of only a little bit. So if you’ll excuse the self indulgent chat for a couple of paragraphs I suppose I should mention we are actually using this kit a bit more than we have done previously.

The kit we have is a Brew Magic from Sabco in place called the United States of America, which is a long way away from here...

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New Wave started life in mid 2011. They’ve been wholesaling the best of UK beer in Scotland since then, and with the exception of a couple of name changes things are pretty much the same as they ever have been, only on a slightly larger scale.
If you want to sell our amazing beer please contact New Wave Distribution

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About us

The Hanging Bat Brewing Co is a brewery. Nothing more, nothing less. We're not going to tell you that we're pushing the envelope or changing the world, or that we started brewing because we were bored with the choice available, or that by drinking our beers you'll be part of a new world order. It's just beer. What we will tell you is that our aim is to produce consistent beers of the highest quality and that our beer is the most important thing about what we do. We're willing to accept accusations that we are quite fond of shiny labels and badges.

No faff, no fancy beer names. 
Just great beer, made well.

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The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe
133 Lothian Road
Edinburgh, EH3 9AB

Tel: 0131 229 0759